Friday, December 31, 2010

Tulsa Murder

Perhaps some of our commenters would like to know if the five bullets were what killed the guy or if he was still alive when the shooter began bashing his head into the concrete. If the latter, obviously, gun control would have nothing to do with it.

Even in that unlikely case, I'd like to point out that a guy with that much anger should not be in possession of a gun.

They were fighting over the shooter's wife and they'd done so before.  I guess there was some kind of stalking or perhaps even an affair going on.  Would that count as a domestic homicide, then?

One interesting fact emerged about the Tulsa murder stats.

Payne is Tulsa’s 61st homicide victim of the year, 10 short of the record 71 homicides last year.
At first this little afterthought in the article seems to support the pro-gun contention that gun violence is down despite the increase in gun ownership. But, aside from the fact that there's no mention of how many of those murders were by gun, the fact that last year was the highest ever ruins everything. The cherry-picking stat hounds always say that violence and crime and gun crime and whatever else they're talking about has been going down steadily for years.

That's just not the case in Tulsa, just like it's not in Newark or Austin.

Another interesting tidbit in this story is the concealed carry guy who got involved.  Interesting that he didn't get involved until it was too late, but what I'm wondering is do we count this as a DGU?

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  1. Seems like murder is going down in Tulsa. That's just a fact. Seems the only cherry picking is done by you.

  2. You have it backward. Cherry picking is when you count Tulsa, Newark, and Austin. Not cherry picking is when you look at the whole country and see that we are at 30 year low in murders.

  3. According to this FBI chart from September of 2009, Tulsa has six times the murder rate per population as my home, San Diego.

    No wonder you feel the need to protect yourself. It's the wild west!

  4. You're right Flying Junior. Tulsa is a dangerous place, partly because of gun availability. Your city is a paradise in comparison, partly because of gun control.