Monday, December 27, 2010

Fort Campbell MP Kills Girlfriend

Imagine how angry you have to get to argue with your girlfriend, grab her by the hair, and shoot her in the head.
Some people are just not fit to own guns.

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  1. But don't you, Jade and your sock-puppet all say that the military and police are the ones that should have guns?

  2. I don't say that. But, by all means don't let that stop you from saying I say it.

  3. it is interesting that I just found about this story through your blog. There is little mention of it on the national news wire services and Yahoo News main news page. The lack of substantial coverage by the national news media allows the public to be kept ignorant of the crimes done by US service members and enables chicken hawk politicians corrupted by defense corporations to continue funding a never ending war. Reading your blog and seeing news stories like the Ft. Campbell shooting is like someone reading my blog and learning there are over 700 military bases around the world costing over 200 billion dollars a year to maintain. Like ole Silvio Berlusconi said, if it is not on television, it does not exist. The new book by Andrew Bacevich, Washington Rules, will give readers a good starting point and introduction into why America is in perpetual war in Afghanistan, Yemen, etc.....