Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cops are Dropping Like Flies

In Arlington, Texas, there were 3 dead in a domestic violence incident, including one cop. Early in the year an Arlington policeman had been killed in a traffic accident.
The article mentions a Georgia incident in which a cop was gunned down making a traffic stop.

Soon we should know what the yearly statistics are for cops dying in the line of duty. I'm sure like usually happens, people will get what they want out of the various surveys and reports. 

One thing I'd like to mention is when a cop goes into a potentially dangerous situation practicing proper restraint, he's probably more likely to get killed.  Naturally, this leads many police to pre-empt the perceived danger, which results in more of those incidents I like to write about in which an unarmed man is killed.  This is the great dilemma of being a cop.  That's why they need much more screening and training than they get now.

Both types of tragedies, the one in which a cop is killed because he didn't shoot first and the one in which an innocent man is killed unnecessarily, both types are increased because of gun availability.

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  1. If they're dropping like flies now, what were they dropping like during the golden years of gun control? Compared to the yearly number of officer deaths by gunfire from 1994-2004, 2010 is slightly below average.

  2. I notice that far more of them died in traffic accidents than by gunfire. We need "strong car control laws"--it's just common sense!