Thursday, December 30, 2010

Murder - Suicide in Newark Ohio

I'm sure our favorite Ohio resident, Fat White Man, will tell us no laws could have prevented this.

I don't buy it.  How about you?

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  1. You're going to talk about guns in Ohio without mentioning this gratifying victory for sensible and progressive gun policy?

  2. I don't kow how much the debate over British gun laws is being covered in the US since The Commons' Home Affairs Committee found things such as:

    Britain’s strict gun laws have led to “comparatively low levels of gun crime” and that a total ban was not a “proportionate response” to the risks posed by these weapons.

    In 2008/9 guns were used in 14,250 offences – a 41 per cent fall over five years and were responsible for 39 murders and 2,000 injuries.

    “The terrible murders perpetrated by Derrick Bird in June highlighted gaps in the current licensing regime, notably around the ease with which convicted criminals can gain access to firearms.

    “We have heard evidence of further cases in which individuals applying to obtain a licence for firearms have lied about their mental health problems and have subsequently gone on to misuse their weapons.”

    Stuff that runs contrary to the BS the gun lobby promotes.

  3. The Coroner in the case stated that blunt force trauma to the head was the cause of death, not the bullet wound, so it would reason that laws against anything that can cause blunt force trauma to the head would stop this if enforced. Sound feasible?

    If the victim would have had her own gun, that may have stopped this.

  4. The assailant had a gun, so its pretty apparent that if his victim appeared to get away or get the upper hand, the killer would have used it as the murder method.

    As it was, the killer did use the gu to ensure his victim was dead.

  5. Laci, You're right, gun control works and more gun control works more (better).