Friday, December 31, 2010

Australia's Murder Rate

Via Common Gunsense I was able to see this wonderful article which seems to put the lie to the popular por-gun nonsense that gun control does not work.

AUSTRALIA'S murder rate is at its lowest for two decades, but indigenous people continue to kill and be killed far more than the rest of the population, a new report says.

Overall, more murder victims died from stab wounds - 43 per cent - than any other cause, followed by beatings (24 per cent) and gunshots (12 per cent).
I don't think it takes a genius to put two and two together. Gun control works.

I'm sure the pro-gun crowd have some ingenious ways to wiggle out of it though.

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  1. Yeah, but people will kill each other with knives or even their hands!

  2. Two big points:

    One, we are around a 30-40 year low in murders as well (so if gun control works, it seems that non-gun controls works as well)

    Two, why do you point to Australia as an example? Is that what you want here? You constantly tell us that "you law-abiding, the 90%ers have nothing to worry about"