Sunday, December 26, 2010

Colorado Man Protects His Family

In the gun-friendly State of Colorado they just love their legitimate gun owners who know how to protect themselves and their families.
Let me see if I got it all.  The jewelry store owner, McNulty leaves the shop late taking his gun with him. A robber, who's obviously seen too many movies, pretending to have a gun, says, "give me all your money, I'm holding your family."  
McNulty chased the robber across the parking lot, with the robber throwing rocks at him along the way. Eventually the robber got in a truck and headed straight for McNulty.

"He was driving after me," McNulty describes. "I got out of the way and I shot his tire."
It turns out McNulty's been watching too many movies too. If he'd been reading the news he'd know the cops use that "driving right at me" explanation to justify murder all the time.

I suppose this is sort-of an "how dare he" reaction combined with the Pennsylvania Castle Doctrine which encourages running down the bad guy and executing him. As I said, McNulty should be reading the gun news more and watching Bruce Willis movies less.

Here's the part that'll really make you laugh.

 Colorado Springs Police have been investigating. They say it's usually safer to cooperate in a situation like that, but it sounds like McNulty had a right to shoot.

"It sounds reasonable at this point," says Lt. Brian Ritz of the Colorado Springs Police Department. "The person has a right to use force to protect himself; whether it be deadly physical force or whatever the appropriate level of force may be to protect himself or his family."
What do you think that means, you can use deadly force, or if you choose, you can shoot at the tires?

Does it all mean that if someone says something completely unbelievable like "I got your family, man," you can chase him down and shoot him? I suppose that's exactly what it means. You can claim that you believed him.

What's your opinion? Are they completely nuts in Colorado, or what?

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