Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amazing Shooting Video

via TTAG accompanied with a witty Farago remark about Darwinism.


  1. Hey Mike, thanks for the Zappadan video...I saw beefheart & zappa when they did the bongo fury tour in detroit.
    Here's a link you might find interesting

    it is regarding texan gun dealing and the drug wars in mexicao.

  2. That comment is as racist and hateful as they come! Would he be talking about *Darwinism* if it was a *white* man, and not a *Muslim*?

    Somehow, I don't think so.....

  3. I thought Darwinism was colorblind when it comes to the application of stupid.

  4. BantheNRA: “That comment is as racist and hateful as they come! Would he be talking about *Darwinism* if it was a *white* man, and not a *Muslim*?”

    Weren’t you the one who applauds gunloons shooting themselves?

  5. TS: I use the term(s) guntards, or guntubbys, or gundoofs. And I say *One down, so many to go....* when they commit suicide by gun. Simple shooting oneself is funny in and of itself though.

    But my comment stands. Since Darwinism is based on *survival of the fittest*, TTAG is a hate mongering guntard because of the use of *Darwinism* towards an Arab, since he/she feels such person is not fit enough to own/possess a gun.

  6. No, I still don’t get it. It seems you are on the same page in regards to Darwinism that you wish this upon people. You like what happened to this guy, right? Gunloonery knows no religious bounds, correct?

  7. TS: Actually, gunloonery is largely confined to fat, white males who make militaristic noises about tyranny and the freedom to watch "Red Dawn" as a Constitutional right.

  8. TS: The Truth About Guns is an extremist 2A blog. *Darwinism* was used to describe an Arab man, since typical wingnuts believe Arabs/Muslims are beneath *whiteness*, they are not *fit* to own/use guns.

    Hence why the only gundorks crying over their precious 2A are *white* men. Why is that? Where are the people of colour? At least they have come to their senses and realized they don't need guns.

  9. Although I think there's a lot of secret racism among gun owners, I really didn't get that impression from what Robert Farago wrote. In fact, he's not really like the gun bloggers who have that inexplicable Obama-hatred and that bizarre flag-waving jingoism.

  10. Jade: “Actually, gunloonery is largely confined to fat, white males who make militaristic noises about tyranny and the freedom to watch "Red Dawn" as a Constitutional right.”

    Jade, “gunloon” is your own made up word, so of course you get to set its definition. I do find it odd that someone who feels the need to carry a loaded handgun, then allows his toddler to handle the gun in a crowded public setting only to get shot by the kid, does not constitute a “gunloon” because he is not white. Whatever, it’s your word- you get to make it mean whatever you want it to mean.

    BantheNRA, TTAG has a piece that they call “irresponsible gun owner of the day”. It includes many white people.

  11. The guy and his kid looked white to me. I thought they were Iraqi. Aren't Iraqi's, Iranians and Jordanian's of aryan descent rather than arabic?

    Anyway, BanTheNRA is obviously a racist. Why does he equate "muslim" with "arab"? What a stereotype.


  12. while the blog Mikeb302000 comments on police abuse in America, it will be interesting if the blog comments about the recent riots in Rome where a guardia di finanza (IRS cops) police officer pulled out a gun on an unarmed civilian protesters. The incident was like the recent case in San Francisco and a cop pulling a gun on protesters.
    the incidents prove that man will always resort to all the force they have at thier disposal to protect themselves. In America we have the right to seek that protection with the second amendment.
    For a balanced arguement however, I am sure the riots in Rome, Palermo, and Turin might have taken on a more violent setting if more Italians had access to firearms. As it stands now, only the mafia and the state have the monoploy on access to firearms.
    Perhaps Mikeb302000 can comment on the recent Rome riots and how the police use of force is being covered by the Italian media?

  13. The fact of the man's religion never even occurred to me. I would have posted the video if the (presumed) father had been a blood relative (i.e. a nice Jewish boy).

    I posted the video because he was an irresponsible gun owner. My comment:

    "I could say something about the advisability of handing a loaded weapon to a toddler, but, as Brad pointed out in an email, Darwinism is its own reward."

    Brad is one of my writers. What Brad was saying (and yes, I agree): anyone stupid enough to hand a loaded gun to a toddler is helping the human race by removing his genes from our common pool.

    TTAG's writers, including myself, are pro-2A. This is not by editorial fiat. Anyone who wishes to post a pro-gun control (or anti-unfettered Second Amendment) post is welcome to submit it for publication (guntruth@me.com). It will not be turned down, and any edits will be pre-cleared with the writer.

    By the same token, I do not edit the comments---other than removing flames against the website, its authors or fellow commentators. Anyone who feels strongly enough to flame is politely asked to re-phrase and re-submit their comment.

  14. BantheNRA is my new favorite Jadegold. The old Jadegold needs to step his game up.

  15. I would have published the link if the irresponsible gun owner had been a blood relative (i.e. a nice white Jewish guy).