Thursday, December 16, 2010

Arizona Gun Shops

Of course the gun dealers are absolutely powerless to do anything about this. Interestingly, Arizona law requires them to report multiple sales of handguns but not long guns.

Now that's an unfortunate law, don't you think?


  1. Again, so criminals are violating laws in Mexico. Let the Mexicans enforce their own silly laws.

    Not a My Problem.

  2. (-2 min) Cue the sound of automatic fire as we talk about the 90% percent of cartel guns flowing from the north (sigh).

    One thing I don’t get about this reporting thing- authorities will know about multiple sales of long guns because they get the background check forms. The only distinction I heard was about the 5 day period (because the feds can’t keep buyer information that long). So they have to buy one rifle- come back in a few days- buy another rifle- come back in a few days… Is that really what is going on? Was the implication of this whole report that handguns are not making their way down to Mexico?

  3. Do you want to stop guns flowing into Mexico? Make guns legal in Mexico.

    Do you want to stop drugs flowing into the USA? Make drugs legal in the USA.

    Funny how there are all these complaints that the Tiahrt amendment stops law enforcement from getting this data when apparently it doesn’t even stop the Washington Post.

  4. "Now that's an unfortunate law, don't you think?"

    I totally agree that it's an unfortunate law. It's unfortunate that there's a state (or states) out there that forces its citizens' private purchases to be documented and revealed to the authorities in any fashion whatsoever.

  5. Those damn gunshops need to be closed down, and the owners held responsible. Just like with alcohol sales to minors. The liquorstore and or the sales clerk who sold the hooch can be held liable. Same thing with guns.

  6. Banboy,

    Quite right. Since the FBI approved the sales, go after them. Have at it.

  7. FWM, The FBI is not standing there when the boyfriend is looking over the shoulder and advising the girl filling out the form. They're not there when the boyfriend points out the guns she should buy, or when the car full of gangbangers is sitting outside the shop in a car waiting for cousin goodie-goodie to come out with the goods.

    The fact is many of these gun shops turn a blind eye to obvious offenses. Their policy is if they can get away with it, fine. If they can shrug their shoulders and say like you do, "it's not my problem," that's good enough for them.

    You should be the first one complaining about this.

  8. Does the liquor store clerk and owner get arrested if they sell liquor to someone of age that goes and gives the liquor to some underage kids?

  9. Jim, We don't really go for comparisons around here and I'm afraid that one won't change our minds.

    One question is how prevalent is this practice. Another is why do you try so hard to excuse it.

  10. "Those damn gunshops need to be closed down, and the owners held responsible. Just like with alcohol sales to minors. The liquorstore and or the sales clerk who sold the hooch can be held liable. Same thing with guns."

    Just following the comparison cited...

  11. I have a straw purchasing scenario for you, Mike. A guy and a girl walk into gun store together, and ask to look at various CCW type handguns. The guy points out particular examples to the clerk, who gets them out, and both the guy and the girl handle the guns. Finally, a smallish Walther semi-auto is chosen, and the girl fills out the paperwork. She passes the ackground check, and they move to the register where the guy offers up the payment for the weapon. Both of them leave the store together.

    Alright, pop quiz time: was this a straw purchase?

    Answer: No, this was me buying my then fiance's first concealed carry gun for her as a gift. Might look to a casual observer like a straw purchase though, so how do you plan to stop the illegal stuff without hassling guys like me helping a woman with her first time through the gun buying process?

    Know what's even better? Now that we're married, I can just go buy her that gun myself and hand it to her, and she could do the same for me. Better start advocating for closing the "Marriage Loophole" now too, Mike.

  12. Colin, thanks for a good chuckle.

    And I appreciate the personal anecdote.