Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grace Slick Interview

via Under the Lobster Scope.


  1. Her work is competent...I'm glad she has a creative output still, though she should get on her exercycle.
    Her comments about her plans for Nixon...if she had dosed him with a few hundred micrograms of acid, would it have made any difference?
    Like Cheney, the dude was so warped to begin with that he would just have had another few more shots of Chivas and some tranks...and then went back to his normal state of being comfortably numb....

  2. I hadn't seen any interviews or photos of her in many years. Whenever that happens it shocks me back to the reality that we've all gotten older. I love how beautiful and irreverant she was in her 20s. And look at those eyes now that she's in her 60s.