Saturday, December 18, 2010

Censorship in America


  1. good to see MikeB is taking a phrase from Jimmy Kimmel Live for a title of a blog posting. Kimmel's "unnecessary censorship" are some of the best segments on his show.
    A few weeeks ago during in my media analysis of the Wikileaks, I noted that American coverage closely resembled the latest 2010 press freedom index. Coverage by the British (19) Guardian Newspaper, and Germany's Der Spiegel (18) is more in depth than the New York Times (20). Although the media coverage by the New York Times is inferior to england and germany, at least I still have access to read those newspapers and view their web pages.
    Italy, where MikeB lives ranks 50th and where the prime minister controls over 80 percent of the media. While America may be bad, it is not as bad countries like Italy, france, and spain for press freedom.

  2. I was serious mikeb, when I suggested you give up blogging about guns and throw jadegold to the curb for his sheer reliance on ad hom attacks and dick jokes.

    I enjoy reading your posts about other topics.

    Obama has abandoned gun control, congress has abandoned gun control and the Brady Bunch is broke(check their facebook page).

    Try posting some more bacon recipes.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.