Thursday, December 16, 2010

More on the The Toughest President

In this fascinating article about the largest man-made accidental explosion of all time, there's this bonus fact.

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Bonus fact: The Mont Blanc (cargo ship) got its name from the Alpine mountain of the same name, on the French and Italian border.   In 1886, Theodore Roosevelt lead an expedition to its peak -- while vacationing in Europe on his honeymoon.


  1. I saw the monumente with the anchor fragment back in 1968 in Halifax. I almost moved there once.
    When the article and stats say that this explosion was 1/5 the energy of the Hiroshima blast, I wonder why then the Hiroshima blast does not count as a man made explosion? I read gthe article twice trying to see the logic of this measurement.

  2. mike calls it the largest accidental man made explosion - Hiroshima was not an accident.