Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Hit Parade

The Washington Post has published a list of gun dealers with the most traces. Here's a little background on one of them, Don's Guns and Galleries in Indianapolis.

In October 2004, Don's sold six handguns to a Chicago gang member and his straw buyer while both were in the store. The gang member selected five Hi-Point pistols and an AK-47-type rifle, but the straw buyer filled out the paperwork and paid for the guns in cash, according to court records.

Four of the handguns were later recovered by Chicago police. The straw purchaser was sentenced to three months in prison and three years' supervised release, and the gang member received two years in prison.

Davis said he and his employees have blocked many suspicious sales.
Of course they all claim it's due to their high volume that they have so many guns traced back to them. But what about other high-volume outlets? How come they don't reach these numbers?

The answer is obvious to anyone with an open and honest mind.

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  1. too bad the washington post can't publish a list of US military around the world and how many jobs they provide foriegners with us tax payer money. Perhaps if the us spent less on the military bases overseas and more in america there would be less crime in america.