Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chicago's Anything-but-onerous Gun Laws

The Chicago Tribune described the process for obtaining a gun permit.  Honestly, who could call it onerous?

After applying for a state firearm owner's identification card in June, he waited a month to receive it. He next spent several weeks looking for a certified instructor and a range where he could take the mandated firearms training course. He settled on a Dundee range about 35 miles from his home, but he waited several more weeks for an open class. Finally, after shelling out $100, he received his gun permit in September.
He had to travel a whole 35 miles to reach the gun range? Many people travel more than that to go to and from work each day.

He had to shell out a whole $100? And the entire process took a whole 3 months?

Don't you think the gun owners ought to get off that oppressed minority schtick?  I do.

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  1. The Chicago process is onerous.

    For comparison, all I have to do is go to the gun store (only 11 miles away, pick out a gun, pass a NICS check, and pay for the gun. They even give me a card for a free range session at the store's gun range.

    No classes, no permits, no wait. Just as it should be.

  2. Yes, onerous.

    Wait three months to exercise your rights? What if you had to wait 3 months for permission from the city to comment on a blog or attend church?

    This isn't a carry permit, this is just a license to be able to ask the FBI if it is okay for you to buy a gun.

    Draconian may be better than onerous.

  3. Why would anyone want to live in Chicago?

  4. Figures, our so-called *gun laws* are too loose.

    On a side note, why are all these *white* folk getting guns?

  5. First, Chicago was only forced to do something like this because of the Supreme Court verdict. Let’s not pretend they are a model of “reasonableness”, even by your definition.

    Second, you said gun ranges are not are a bad thing, per se. So why do you seem to support this? Can’t you just agree with us on that one thing, but still like the cost and the waiting that Chicago’s laws create?

    Third, this isn’t about how far so-and-so has to drive to get his training. I’ll concede that many people in rural areas will have to drive at least that far anyway (though without Chicago’s traffic issues). I would never demand that Chicago build public ranges. Just don’t ban them (or tax or zone them away) and let the wonders of capitalism do their thing. If the market demands are such that none come up within Chicago anyway- then I’m satisfied (though nothing physically changed). The point is requiring and banning something at the same time. It is nothing short of bullshit. At what point would you call this policy onerous? If it were the entire state of Illinois? The whole nation? Besides, if Daley could ban ranges outside of Chicago, I am sure he would.

    Imagine if the last thing Daley required to get your license is that you have to sing “I’m a little teapot” down at the station. It wouldn’t be hard, anyone can do it, there is no cost, and it wouldn’t take more than 30 seconds. But is serves no purpose other than to harass those who wish to take advantage of the McDonald verdict.

  6. "Why would anyone want to live in Chicago?"

    Few people choose to live in Chicago. Poverty imprisons most of it's citizens.

  7. AztecRed, The problem is not that Chicago is too strict, it's that your state is too lax.

    TS, I don't think I ever said it's really important that Chicago keeps the gun ranges out of the city center. My point is it's no biggie that people have to travel a half-hour away to get to one. All the whining and exaggerated claims that gun ranges being banned in the city is onerous, is billshit

  8. One hundred dollars, training and three months of waiting just to OWN a firearm? In most states you go through all that to CARRY a firearm!
    That's madness!

  9. AztecRed, The problem is not that Chicago is too strict, it's that your state is too lax.

    This is exactly why we will fight you and beat your kind into oblivion MikeB.