Saturday, December 18, 2010

Disarming a Gunloon

Very often we hear pronouncements such as:

I'll never register my guns. Period.or
....from my cold, dead fingers...

yadda, yadda..

In truth, disarming a gunloon is childsplay.  If you ever wish to disarm a gunloon, a tactic that is almost 100% effective is to mention the Brady Center or Sarah Brady within earshot of the gunloon.  The gunloon will cease whatever he is doing and after a quick consultation of the latest NRA literature and bulletins--begin blogging about how meaningless and irrelevant the Brady Center is.  During this interlude, the gunloon is harmless as he struggles with the English language, computer technology and groupthink.


  1. It looks like our favorite little troll is getting hungry again.

  2. Thanks for the laugh, Jadegold.

    Colin, one cannot troll on one's own blog. Jade's a co-blogger here. Your problem is a failure to appreciate humor.

  3. MikeB, do you approve of jade's ad hom attacks?

    Yes or no?

  4. The principles of trolling still apply--this post lacked substance and as such was merely a blatant attempt to spark an argument.

    I can appreciate good humor when I see it. In this particular case, I'm still looking however.

  5. Here's something of substance to discuss:

    Good thing they'll at least have NJ's strict gun control laws to keep them safe.

  6. This post is just indicative what your "blog" has become; there's nothing thoughtful here or ... or insightful or even truly humorous. It's just a string of childish insults aimed at a group of people whose politics you abhor. And that's pretty much all your co "blogger" does -- photoshop pictures and insult people.

    I have many friends who are anti-gun/liberal and we get along fine even during our spirited debates. I used to think you were such a person, Mike. I really did.

    But your true colors show now. And if you showed up at my door, I would not even consider letting you in. Not because of your politics, but because of the kind of person you are.

    My children will someday have to know there are people like you in the world; but I don't need to invite you into my house. And that's sad ... that someone I used to respect I know hold nothing but disdain for.

  7. Stevie: Man up, dude. Concern trolling is so yesterday.

    Re your children--they're pretty much doomed to your existence, Stevie. A life of paranoia and stupidity. I'm sure they'll look great in the Hutaree wedding photos.

  8. kaveman, my answer is yes. Not only do I approve of whatever Jadegold chooses to do here as co-blogger, I willingly accept my share of the responsibility. That's becasue I realize no one is operating in a vacuum, we often share responsibility with our fellows, just like you gun owners do whether you like it or not.

  9. Truth.

    Guntards are such silly little

  10. MikeB, do you approve of jade's ad hom attacks?

    Of course he does. He both defends them AND gives him a place to spew this crap.

    Colin is right - He is, and always will be a troll.

  11. Anonymous said, "Colin is right - He is, and always will be a troll."

    Did Colin say that?