Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Like Badger Guns

There are at least 50 cases like this.

In Indianapolis, Popguns - another top dealer of crime guns according to ATF data - had its license revoked by the agency in 2006. The business remains in operation after owner Mike Hilton's wife received a fresh license and the violations disappeared. Mike Hilton remains closely involved in the operation.

A revoked Mississippi gun dealer said he sold the store to his wife for $1 and now works for her. A dealer in Pennsylvania whose license was revoked simply started using a spare license he had acquired. And a revoked Alabama shop remains in the gun business after an employee created a new corporation that holds the new license.
The fact that business is thriving for these guys is testament to the fact that the customers are not the righteous law-abiding folks some people say they are. These are people, both the cheating gun sellers and the supporting clients, who have no concern for right and wrong. They selfishly perpetuate a system that does grave harm.

They have a name for it too: "The license loophole."

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  1. This where reading the actual legislation can illuminate those who wish to relay an informed opinion on the subject matter at hand.

    Businesses do not, will not and can not recieve an FFL.

    Only individual living breathing humans can.

    Once you embrace what the law actually says, the emotionalism fades away and reality sets in.