Thursday, December 16, 2010

David M. Manilla, Lawyer and Hunter

This is a fascinating story that contains several of our favorite issues.

A guy ended up dead on the first day of deer hunting season.  The shooter was a convicted felon, who'd already had one hunting "accident," and who was using a rifle not sanctioned for hunting.

In addition to all that, his hunting partners, including a former Montgomery County district attorney, were more than happy to go tromping through the woods with him.

I'm afraid this is not an unusual situation, guys who are unfit to own guns go on doing so with no interference from their immediate circle of gun buddies. Everyone pretends they're law-abiding citizens, simply bending a few rules along the way.

What's your opinion?  Do you see this as a case of gun owners not policing their own?  It would take a lot of courage to stand up to a gun owner, one of these "hidden criminals" pretending to be legitimate. Who could do such a thing?

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  2. "A guy ended up dead on the first day of deer hunting season. The shooter was a convicted felon,..."

    Prohibited person, not a legitimate gun owner and his companions should have known that. More gun law fail.

    I don't go hunting with criminals, problem solved.

  3. FWM, as usual, misses the point. Actually, there are several points he misses.

    Isn't it amazing how every time there's an instance of gun violence--it's a failure of gun control? And if there's a lack of gun violence--it's also a failure of gun control?

    The main point FWM misses is that many gunloons have friends or relatives who are fellow gunloons and shouldn't be around guns. I'll guarantee many of our gunloon bloggers know gunloons--or are themselves--who are unsafe because of criminal records, mental or physical disability, and/or have drug/alcohol problems.

  4. Actually Jade I don't know of any such gun owners. As far as I know any that I am around are not prohibited persons.

    Sorry to burst your bubble. You may hang around with felons and dopers but I don't.

    Your guarantee, like gun control = fail.

  5. C'mon FWM. Aren't you playing hard to get here a little bit? The idea that you don't know of a single gun owner whom you consider to be unfit, is difficult to believe.