Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Arizona Road Rage Maniac

Didn't Arizona recently pass a law which allows people to carry concealed weapons without a permit. In other words every gun owner is in effect a CCW permit holder.
Well, here's one.

Oman admitted to police to getting into an argument with the victim and pulling the gun from its holder on his right side, but initially denied pointing the gun at the victim, court records state.

Later, however, he said he pointed the gun because the victim spit on him. According to records, when officers told him the victim denied spitting on him and that was not justification to point a gun, Oman responded "I guess that was my mistake then, huh?"

Police found the handgun and a magazine containing eight rounds of 45 caliber ammunition in Oman's glove box, court records said.

Oman was arrested and is expected to face charges of aggravated assault.

Is that what they refer to as freedom? You can't even delay coming off a red light without some maniac gun owner coming after you. I suppose the "victim" in this case should have had his own gun, that would have helped.

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