Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More on Our Favorite Loophole

There's an interesting post on a site called Bacon's Rebellion.  Happily, the blog title refers to the author's last name and not that vile food product some of you like so much.  After a very-well-done synopsis of the "gun show loophole" story, Mr. Bacon concludes like this.

The bottom line - I am a gun ownership advocate. I believe in the Second Amendment and the Supreme Court interpretation of that amendment in the Heller case. However, there is good reason to perform a background check prior to selling a gun. I support the adoption of Colorado's regulatory approach. Guns sold at gun shows must be through a registered firearms dealer with a background check. Private sales outside of gun shows are allowed without a background check. I can live with private sales and I can live with firearms shows - just not at the same time. 
I'm not sure where he's coming from. I know some gun control folks who suggest exactly the same and have been met with criticism from both sides that allowing private sales outside of gun shows to continue without background checks leaves us pretty much where we started out.

One obvious improvement would be, under the Bacon Plan, that all those lying gun sellers who fly under the radar and frequent gun shows as private sellers would be out of business. Or would they? Couldn't they just take their business somewhere else, the internet, the local want ads, their garage?

No, I'm afraid limiting the restrictions to gun shows is not gonna get it.

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