Friday, December 24, 2010

Man Kills Wife by Mistake

Ohh Shoot has the story.

The story's got just about everything in it, rage, drinking, assault weapons.  I suppose this guy was one of the "lawful gun owners" who felt bad laws be damned. 

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  1. Ironically enough, they were in "Happy Camp, California."

    Looks like a whole lot of stupid here. Truck gets stolen, they find the truck, but instead of calling the police and repossessing their vehicle through regular means they decided to go find the criminals themselves. So surprise, surprise that some stupid people with guns go and do a stupid thing and someone gets hurt or killed. Happens every day.

    You can't prevent people from being stupid but you can try to limit the collateral damage by making sure people aren't armed. But apparently the country isn't ready to go there yet. So in the meantime we have Darwin's Law in effect.

  2. SoBeale, Thanks for coming by on Christmas. That's like a gift.

    Stories like this one would be amazing if they weren't so commonplace. And most of my commenters keep telling us how responsible and safe gun owners are. I'm not trying to say all of them are like these people in the story. But I often sense that they are trying to say that all, or almost all of them are responsible. I don't buy it.