Monday, December 20, 2010

Colorado Man Shoots Pregnant Wife

Unlike the characters in Stephen Wright's book, these are your real Coloradans.  Of course the neighbor described them "as down to earth and normal people."

Castle Rock Police arrested a man who held SWAT officers at bay for more than 10 hours Saturday.

Officers said the standoff came to a peaceful ending just after 7 p.m.Police said the situation started after a man in the Castle Rock home shot his pregnant wife.

Shannon Orendorf, 33, was shot at 8 a.m. in her home on High Plains Street and High Plains Place. At least report, Orendorf was in stable condition at a local hospital after surgery. Family members and friends told 7NEWS Orendorf is three months pregnant.
Since they were such normal people, one possible explanation is that something was wrong with his medication. Of course when I suggested that folks with this problem make up a small part of the Famous 10%, it was met with unanimous dismissal by the pro-gun crowd.

The news report also revealed that he'd had a restraining order against him some years ago, but in Colorado such things are of little importance. Out there in the Centennial State, they're mainly interested in freedom and rights. The problem is guns are bad news for women, especially in places like Colorado.

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  1. O-M-G, my wife and I both live in Colorado! I should warn her!