Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Linoge's Idiocy Knows No Bounds

Linoge expends several thousand words in an attempt to communicate that he will never, ever, never register his firearms.

Robert Farago, in comments, notes that...well, he already has by virtue of filling out a 4473 form.  I'd also add that since Jon-Boy also has a CCW (small penis) permit granted him by the state of Tennessee--should mandatory registration ever come about, his doorbell would be among the first rung.

What makes this so amusing is that gunloons like Linoge often make pronouncements knowing full well that if the law changes, they'll meekly get in line and comply.  The plain truth is Jon-Boy isn't willing to give up his lifestyle for any principle he imagines he holds.

Update: Thinking about this a bit more; it's hilarious that Jon-Boy -who rountinely posts photos of firearms he owns--thinks not registering his precious  manhood guns will keep the Govt.--who employs him--from seizing them.


  1. LoL....just a bunch of guntubby's talkin' like big men....

    You hit it the nail on the head by mentioning that these guntards will just get in line....

  2. What, to have my guns taken away by cowards like you and Guy KKKabot? Just keep hiding behind the government's armed agents, while disavowing armed violence yourself, and all the while hoping that they don't come for you next. Unlike you two spineless twits, some of us actually have principles that we live our lives by and will never compromise (and I'm not just talking about guns).

    BTW, I'm still waiting for your brilliant NRA expose cribbed directly off the VPC and Brady Bunch websites, Guy. If you use copy and paste, you'll have a much better chance of actually spelling all the words right.

  3. Think about it, Colin.

    If you're really, really worried about the evvvvillll Gubbermint comin' to seize your guns--why on earth would you post pics and brag about the number, make, and model of guns you own?

    To top it off, why would you work for that same evvvilll Gubbermint?

    Seems to me, if you were really concerned about black helos and FEMA troops swarming your double wide and pulling you from your La-Z-Boy recliner and prying the gun you'd been fondling from your chubby Cheeto-stained digits--you'd probably not want to mention anything about guns on the World-Wide-Intertoobz.

  4. Take your own advice and engage your brain, Guy. We're obviously quite aware that the government has some knowledge of who owns what guns (obviously lots of us have our names on file as CCW permit holders), as nothing is really secret in today's information age. I'm sure they can easily track down things that we've said, or internet purchases, or Facebook posts, but all of those things require lots of time, manpower and money when you're talking about 80 million gun owners. We oppose registration because we don't want to just gift a potentially unjust government sometime in the future with a copy of "American Gun Owners and Their Addresses for Dummies" (you would probably still need the Cliff Notes version, however).

    Also, use more 'Z's in your next post; it will make you look like you actually know what you're talking about, I promise.

  5. Colin: Gosh, that'll really fool the Gubbermint. You gunloonz are so clever.

    I'm sure the NSA only has one copy of an old whitepages and an abacus.

  6. See? I told you so. You actually had me convinced there for a second.

  7. Every gun in the US that has a serial number is already registered in some form or fashion. It's just a matter of consolidating and organizing the data.

  8. AztecRed's got the idea, or at least part of it. Consolidation is what's needed, organization too. With a fraction of the money we waste on gun violence, emergency hospital care, etc., we could fund an entire new government agency to maintain the database - or we could just fund the ATF right and get them to shape up.

  9. "With a fraction of the money we waste on gun violence, emergency hospital care, etc., we could fund an entire new government agency to maintain the database - or we could just fund the ATF right and get them to shape up."

    So money spent on treating gunshots and trauma care is wasted while funding a bureaucracy to create and maintain databases is a better use of that money. You've been in Europe too long.

  10. I didn't see one. Why is your name spelled differently? Is that you?