Sunday, December 19, 2010

Big Victory for the Gun Lobby

The long overdue White House decision about multiple sales of long guns has been delayed until spring.

It seems clear that pressure from the NRA and their lobbyists is responsible for this.  What could be more reasonable than to require gun dealers to report bulk sales of weapons, the very fact that they are being bought in bulk being an indication that they may be destined for Mexico.

What's your opinion?  Is this another example of Obama just not doing what he said he'd do?

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  1. Jadefool's Biggest (Only?) Cheerleader exhibits typical forcible citizen disarmament lobbyist reading comprehension--the Washington Post is whining because the White House hadn't acted on this when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Really Fancy Taxpayer-Funded Conference Tables asked for it last spring, because Obama and Biden know that Americans don't want more heavy-handed, draconian gun regulation, and so they wanted to wait until after the midterm elections:

    The plan - which officials knew would be strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association - was perceived as too volatile just before midterm elections, the sources said.

    Perhaps they need a reminder that voting from the rooftops need not coincide with scheduled elections.

  2. Obama is a smart cookie in political terms. This delay ensures that debate won't ensue until after the newly elected republicans take office in January.

    This signals to us "gun loons" that he doesn't want to confront us directly and would rather use this as a political football by creating the illusion that the big bad mean republicans killed the bill(my prediction)in the senate.

    If Obama or the Justice department really wanted to see this proposal enacted, they would try to push this through the lame duck congress where dems still control both houses.

    The fact that the administration is pushing this out until repubs retake the senate should be a big fat clue that he doesn't want to see this bill on his desk.

    If he plans to circumvent the congress by some executive order, then that's another scenario entirely.

    But if he doesn't want to see the bill on his desk with the obvious political cover of a veto proof majority in congress, I doubt he'll make any loud noises about this after the newly elected take the oath of office.

  3. The ATF nor President Obama has the power to make up laws. Sorry. You might as well blame Glenn Beck as he and Obama have about the same authority to create a new law. US Code specifies that multiple handgun sales must be reported but the law clearly does not apply to long guns.

    Must be a loop hole.

  4. No it is not a big victory. Don’t you think there is a bit of exaggeration done by the gun control side? For one, the FBI does in fact know about any bulk purchase because they get a 4473 for each gun (long or not). The only distinction in law is that if a buyer buys one handgun, then comes back two days later and buys another, the ATF would have to be notified since the national record of sale had to be destroyed within 24 hours. If it is more than five days later no extra reporting is done at all. There is no special notification for long guns.

    So you are saying the problem is the cartels apparently hire US citizens to act as straw purchasing gun runners. These gun runners buy an AK or AR pattern semi-auto long guns one at a time between 2-5 day intervals, then smuggle them to Mexico, where the cartels pay the initial cost, as well as a premium for transportation costs and compensation to the buyer for risking a federal felony. Then the cartel pays to have them converted to full-auto, not to mention also converting them to rocket launchers. If the straw purchaser waits six days between purchases, the cartel wouldn’t be able to kill as many people. Come on, if you are going to accuse our side of exaggeration when we state how Chicago mandates something while simultaneously banning the means to do it, then I will call you on stuff like this.

    I am not against multi-purchase reporting, per se- it is just the whining and exaggerated claims by your side that I am against.

  5. I like what you said, kaveman. Does that mean you were WRONG two-and-a-half years ago when you were stocking up with all the other spooked pro-gun guys.

  6. I wouldn't say I was wrong, no. All I had to go on was Obama's senate voting record, his past personal statements and his former job as a board member for the Joyce Foundation.

    Then who he chose to surround himself with:

    Emanuel, Biden, Holder, Clinton, Duncan, Napolitano, etc.

    That didn't sit too well with us gunnies and we sent a strong message by buying guns and ammo at an immpressive rate. We actually ran out of ammo for a while and the FBI ran out of form 4473.

    Obama took notice and threw the Brady Campaign under the bus.

    BTW, you may want to chech the BC facebook page...they're broke.