Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yemen the New Hotbed

Well, at least we've ended our combat mission in Iraq and will be completely out of there this year.
via Phuck Politics.

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  1. that is how the national security state apparatus works. Support an oppressive dictator like the Shiek in control of the Yemen government and have the US military and intelligence services to kill his political enemies. Classic example of blowback like in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc... instead of believing what the politicians and the media tell you, look at the bigger picture and the lack of a American energy policy moving the country away from oil and you see why the US will be fighting future expensive wars and maintaining a 80 billion a year national security state apparatus. wag the dog baby. But hey what do I know right? I only have a few degrees in studying this shit....don't believe me, than read Washington Rules by Andrew Bacevich