Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gun Control Extremists

The Gun Control Network is certainly on the far end of the gun control spectrum.  I guess we need guys like these to balance out, at least a little bit, the many, many on the pro-gun side, who are equally extreme in the opposite direction.

What do you think?


  1. They seem pretty much like the standard issue anti-freedom loon.

    I love their latest piece about licensing children to carry guns on our streets. Of course they show pictures of children in third world cesspools with full auto assault rifles while the article is really about a 10 year old in Britain that was granted a shotgun license--not even a carry license but just a license to use a shotgun at a range. Then of course they count "children" as those over 21.

    Deceit and lies is really all the anti-freedom crowd has I guess since truth and common sense are on our side.

  2. GCN is an international organisation and far more aware of the issues in small arms control than the average septic as FWM's screed points out.

    People such as FWM scream "freedom" in regard to firearms, yet were mute about the Patriot Act. If US guns make it to Mexico--well, that's Mexico's problem.

    Gun Control won't bring abut the perfect world, but it will make it a whole lot more secure.

  3. "If US guns make it to Mexico--well, that's Mexico's problem."

    There the ones with the gun control and the out of control criminals.

    "Gun Control won't bring abut the perfect world, but it will make it a whole lot more secure."

    That is an anti-freedom loon theory since they cannot demonstrate anywhere that disarming the population has made anyone safer. Never has happened.

    Even the disarmed population of a prison is not secure or safe.

  4. The reason why they are "extreme" is because they already have "reasonable" restrictions in the UK.

    But are you sure these guys are serious? They called for 10 year old children to be imprisoned a decade or more for holding a licence the the government issued to them.

  5. The Gun Control Network are just typical anti-gun loons, devoid of reason or logic. They exemplify anti-freedom loons the world over. They use myths, half truths and scare tactics to push their agenda.

    Or, they could just be a joke :)

    MikeB, you are not really taking them serious are you? I thought you posted this as a joke.

  6. Actually, I'm not sure what to think about these guys. kaveman told me in no uncertain terms that they're a satire site. I don't think that's clear. They could be extremists who make their points in the strongest terms possible.