Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fratricide in Gun-Friendly Maine

Neighbors say they heard up to four shots, and then Steven Mayo screaming. "After we heard the gunshots, I heard Steven like screaming - 'I want my brother back, I want my brother back!'," said Briney Nadeau, who lives nearby. "[He was] like screaming, tweaking right out like I would do if that happened, you know what I mean?"

People who know the brothers also say they've gotten in fights before and that Steven Mayo fired shots at Ryan Mayo's four-wheeler last week when the younger brother wouldn't leave his property.

State Police say the two lived next door to one another; Ryan lived with his parents in a trailer. He was shot outside that home, according to police.
What's your opinion? Is this just another case of young men who are a little too loose with their 2nd Amendment Rights? Is this the price we have to pay for all that freedom? Or do you think there might be a way to restrict and control guns a little better than we do now?

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  1. weeding 50% of the stupid out of the gene pool... excellent.

  2. Except, of course, the stupid was the one who shot his brother and will now be spending some time getting to know himself and his cellmates better.

  3. Cool 100% cleansing for a while win/win!!!!

  4. Yes, Anonymous, thanks for that flippant bullshit. You're from Maine aren't you?