Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mayhem in Ohio - 4 Dead, Several Wounded

 I wouldn't be surprised if he'd been on his way to the NRA Convention because, in spite of the desperate attempts on the part of the gun-rights fanatics to write off the bad actors as not belonging to their group, it's just not true. Last week young Randle was a proud member of the AUB section, now he's a dead member of section A.

Four people were found dead in a rural Ohio home Saturday, three police officers were wounded, and a fourth person was injured all within a span of about 30 minutes that ended with a police shootout and the death of a man police suspect was responsible for the bloody mayhem.

Randle Lee Roberts II, 27, whose hometown police did not provide, was killed in the shootout about a half hour after a young girl found the bodies of her relatives in a home near West Union in southern Ohio.
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  1. Wrong again. Not only was he not an NRA member, he also was a criminal an a prohibited person wanted on felony charges.

    Afraid he's not AUB worthy.

  2. All right, fine, slide him roght over to the left. But the guy who sold him a gun perhaps fits into the AUB area, depending on how the transfer actually went down.