Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guns in Bars - Texas Style

The Houston Chronicle reports on how allowing guns in bars makes perfect sense.
Police said the two men had been inside the bar and then had a confrontation when they left. They were arguing while they stood in Sawyer and the suspect pulled out a gun and fired several times,
What do you think? Does it matter if he'd been a licensed gun owner or a convicted felon?

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  1. "What do you think? Does it matter if he'd been a licensed gun owner or a convicted felon?"

    Licensed gun owners generally don't do this. Just criminals and Nassau, NY police officers.

  2. The very idea that one would carry around a gun to settle a dispute in public is anathema to western civilization. A gentleman carrying a sword in the eighteenth century might have been appropriate in many European cities. A frontiersman carrying a pistol in the early days of our own republic would have been a reasonable precaution. Dummies with guns in bars?? In the twenty-first century? That's just stupid. When tempers flare, the last thing anybody needs in the equation is a gun. Duh. I was pissed off in traffic yesterday. Fortunately I was able to resist the temptation to ram the offending driver. What if I was some hothead with a gun? Get things started by brandishing my weapon?

    Texas used to have one rather quaint custom called the set-up. A customer in a restaurant could request a glass with ice and perhaps a non-alcoholic mixer. Patrons could then mix their own hard liquor into a drink to enjoy with their meal. Another fun thing about the Texas of yore, up until about twenty-five years ago, you could drive around drinking a beer as long as you did not become legally intoxicated.

  3. Them days are over, Flying Junior.

    "Licensed gun owners generally don't do this," says FWM. Except when they do, I guess.