Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Fun to Be Winning

Gunloonery Declining:
Household gun ownership peaked in 1977, when more than half (54 percent) of American households reported having any guns. By 2010, this number had dropped more than 20 percentage points to 32.3 percent of American households reporting having any guns in the home--the lowest level ever recorded by the GSS. In 2010, fewer than a third of American households reported having a gun in the home.
Personal gun ownership peaked in 1985, when 30.7 percent of Americans reported personally owning a gun. By 2010, this number had dropped nearly 10 percentage points to 20.8 percent--the lowest level ever recorded by the GSS. In 2010, slightly more than one out of five Americans reported personally owning a gun.
Male gun ownership peaked in 1990, when 52.4 percent of males reported personally owning a gun. By 2010, this number had dropped more than 19 percentage points to 33.2 percent--the lowest level ever recorded by the GSS. In 2010, only one out of three American males reported personally owning a gun.
Female gun ownership has fluctuated within a narrow range with no recent signs of increase. Relatively rare, female gun ownership peaked in 1982 at 14.3 percent. In 2010 the female personal gun ownership rate was 9.9 percent. Only one out of 10 American females reported personally owning a gun in 2010.


  1. Jade, Jade, Jade,

    Do you really think that Us gun-loons are going to tell some retard on the phone that we have guns in the house?

    I sure as shit didn't.....

  2. Anon, anon, anon..

    Do you really think broadcasting your gunloonery over the intertoobz is much more secure than responding to a telephone survey?

    It cracks me up every time some gunloon blogger loving posts pictures of his firearms and blogs about any new weaponry he has but then swears he will never register his firearms.

  3. Anonumbass, I've just deleted 26 comments from you which were inappropriate.

    Time to stop, now.

    If this is supposed to support your position of maturity and judgement, let's just leave it that if you can't exercise better control over your actions with a keyboard, it brings into question for me how you would exercise discretion and restraint with a weapon.

  4. Sorry,

    Jadegold gets on nerves......and needs to realize that he is not a very good debater.

    And never answers the question put to him....


    Do you really expect gunloons to tell someone over the phone that they own guns?

    Do you think that would skew the results?

    And no, I do not think that broadcasting my gun ownership over the INTERNET in an identifiable form is more secure.

    just like a picture of a gun and a registry are two very different things....

    Just like your troll secret identity is not secure....

  5. You do know that VPC director Josh Sugarmann is one of only three or four federally licensed gun dealers in D.C.? He has a virtual monopoly on the D.C. gun transfer market, and recently renewed his FFL until 2014.

    I just want you to know who your source is. You can look this up on BATFE's ezCheck system if you wish.

  6. Let's answer MAgunowner first.

    Yes, Josh Sugarmann has an FFL, he's had one for quite a few years now. Does he sell guns? No. As I'm sure MAgunowner is aware, not all FFLs sell or buy guns.

  7. Have you inspected his bound book? If not, then you have no idea of what he sells or doesn't sell.

    On the type 1 FFL application (and he is a type 1 FFL), the applicant has to check YES to the question "Do you intend to make a profit on your business?"

    So if he never intended to be engaged in the business of selling guns, then lied on his FFL application and is a criminal. If he really does sell guns for profit then he is merely a hypocrite.

    Which is it?

    Again, the public records are there for all to see.

  8. This matters nothing to me. If I were the last gun owner in the country, I would still have my rights.

    Aside from that, you can go on believing this, but I am not sure what it gains for you. We know that support for gun control nationally is very low right now, so if what you are saying is true it only means you have lost ground to an opponent dwindling in numbers. That does not bode well for you cause. For decades gun control groups have tried to scare people away from gun ownership (see Kellerman) to gain political leverage. If you have succeeded to that end, where is your gun control?

    We know sales are way up (it could be all those insurrectionists stocking up, right?). I personally know that I have to call ahead to reserve a spot at the range or I won’t get to shoot- and I have never had to do that before. At the very least, you can believe that gun owners might be down, but “shooters” are up. And those are the ones who actively fight for their rights, not some dude with a shotgun in the closet covered in dust. If you can’t admit that, then what hope do you have that your cause is ever going to gain traction?

    Jade: “Do you really think broadcasting your gunloonery over the intertoobz is much more secure than responding to a telephone survey?”

    Do you realize that not everyone is on the internet bragging about their gun collection? Some people may not be getting on the internet or answering phone surveys. Call them secretive or paranoid- whichever you want.

  9. See Jadegold says we losing ground and yet he can't show any lost ground in newly enacted gun laws in the last 3 years.....

    And when you ask him a question he deflects

    just look at the first two posts....

  10. MAgunner: Here's the challenge you have: you have to prove Sugarmann is selling guns. I'd think this would be fairly easy because some gunloon would dearly love to show Sugarmann is selling guns--and would buy one from him.

    Hasn't happened.

    Second, as I sagely noted Sugarmann has had an FFL for quite awhile. He does this because he is a gun policy researcher and and FFL gets him invitations to firearm industry tradeshows and conferences not normally open to the general public.

    But--and here's where every gunloon crashes and burns---if you believe Sugarmann has lied or misrepresented himself in obtaining a license, you are free to make a complaint. BTW, I was giving this same advice to gunloons many years ago. Every gunloon claimed they did make a complaint and guess what? Sugarmann still has an FFL. So, this leaves a number of possibilities: 1. the gunloon never follows through on his threat; 2. the gunloon makes the complaint and the ATF sees nothing wrong; or 3. there's a big conspiracy.

  11. It matters not. Anti-gun loons are against gunloons and it will always be this way. Even back in the Revolutionary days, there were some folks who were against having or owning firearms. The difference is, back then, they didn't try to force their beliefs on everyone else like pacifists and anti-gunloons do now a days.

    Mike G.

  12. Dear Mike G., Are you making stuff up again? What could you possibly be referring to as "folks who were against having or owning firearms" during the Revolution?

    So what if Sugarman has an FFL licence? What's the point? If anything it argues against the popular gun extremist theory that all gun control folks want to ban all guns.

    Dog Gone, Thanks for doing the editing.