Saturday, May 7, 2011

Miami Police Officer Justified in Shooting Unarmed Black Man

Investigators may never know exactly what spurred DeCarlos Moore to disobey police commands and run back to his car during a tense traffic stop in Overtown last July.

But Moore, 36, sealed his fate when he reached into his open driver’s side window, was seen holding something metallic in his hand, and turned to face the officers. Rookie Miami Police Officer Joseph Marin, fearing Moore was armed, fired one lethal round to his head, authorities said.

The shiny object in question was likely a fist-sized batch of crack cocaine wrapped in aluminum foil, according to a final report released Thursday. And Marin was justified in using lethal force, Miami-Dade prosecutors concluded in the first detailed account of the first of seven controversial fatal shootings in seven months in Miami.
I've decided to add this story to my post about Florida taking the crown from Arizona. It would be next to impossible to keep up with The Sunshine State in the area of police shootings.

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  1. Stupid should have listen to the PO-PO......

  2. He sure should have. The problem is people shouldn't get shot for disobedience.