Sunday, May 1, 2011

New York City Youngster Buys Loaded Semi-Automatic Handgun At School for $3.00

David Lohr wrote:

It should come as no surprise to any parent that kids will bring home the darndest things. Whether it is a slimy toad or a sniffling cold, they'll certainly keep you on your toes. Those items, as irritating as they may be, however, pale in comparison to an item one New York parent's child recently brought home from school."On April 28, police responded to PS 107 Thomas A. Dooley on 45th Avenue in Queens for a male eight-year-old that bought a 9mm semi-automatic loaded firearm," a spokeswoman for the City of New York Police Department told Weird News.
Police say the third-grader purchased the gun for $3 from another eight-year-old child and took the weapon home. The boy thought the gun was a toy and showed it to his mother, who recognized it as a real handgun. The irate mother took her son and the pistol back to the school, where school administrators immediately contacted police.
According to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, the gun had "three live rounds in it and ... a live round was found on the floor of the school room," Kelly told reporters.
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  1. Can't happen--they have registration in New York. And of course all guns are registered and registration stops criminals.

  2. FWM, Can't you put that joke to rest? If you keep it up, I may be forced to bring my meteorite posts out of retirement.