Monday, May 2, 2011

Sally Kalson on the NRA Convention

The NRA makes sure future criminals can arm themselves to the teeth
Sunday, May 01, 2011
By Sally Kalson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The National Rifle Association has been holding its annual meeting in Pittsburgh for the past few days, heralded with billboards promising "acres of guns and gear."

Here's a billboard you didn't see, but would have if the group was honest about its mission to paint even the most sensible gun laws as a step toward tyranny: "The NRA: Because if Richard Poplawski can't have an arsenal, neither can you."
What's your opinion? Is she saying there actually was a sign saying that about Poplawski, or that this is what describes the NRA position? Either way, I agree with Sally's take on it. The NRA is pushing misery and suffering.

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  1. Kalson is a hate-filled unhappy little woman. There is not one piece of objective journalism in anything she writes.

  2. He was dishonorably discharged which is equal to a felony. He was discharged for violence. The NRA did not condone anything about that. It is illegal for him to have those weapons. If he really did have a machinegun (and I doubt it, most people don't know the difference) how did he get past the NFA stamp? The Feds would have flagged him for the dishonorable.

    Therefore, Kalson is a loon.

  3. Sorry guys, Poplawski is the NRA's dirty little secret. Your only hope is to cling to the nonsense that he's a very raree bird. But, that's getting harder and harder to sell.

  4. No, it just goes to show you that the laws you already have don't stop criminals.

    Since you believe in collective responsibility, we shall soon see your indictment of MAIG, right? After all, with all the mayors that have been convicted of crimes. I'll be waiting to see that.

  5. Patrick, We're not talking about MAIG. We're talking about the NRA and guys like you and Poplawski. You were birds of a feather until that day.