Monday, June 6, 2011

Honolulu Shooting

CBS Affiliate KGMB in Honolulu reports that Stangel, whose father heads the North Shore Christian Fellowship church, was raised in a loving church family but that those who knew him call him troubled and a loner, who rebelled at being a pastor's son.

One friend told KGMB that Stangel abused drugs and was violent.

Stangel has five prior misdemeanor convictions, including two DUIs and a criminal property damage case.

The suspect's parents, Mike and Karen Stangel, issued a statement saying, "We are broken and sick with grief. Our hearts and prayers go out to the innocent families who have been affected by this tragic act. We wish we had an explanation, but there simply is none. Those who know us, know we have always loved our son with an unconditional love. We thank all of you who have sent us your love, prayers & support. We are looking to the Lord Jesus for guidance, strength & comfort."
It's funny that the parents' statement includes prayers and love for everybody but the troubled son, who's now in big-time trouble. Maybe they should think about that when they consider what went wrong.

Their attitude reminds me of how the gun owners react when one of their own does something stupid. In the blink of an eye these folks are banished to the ranks of the criminally insane, when a moment before they were part of the group.

Odd that.

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1 comment:

  1. Gunz, GOD and gutlessnes.

    Well, we pretty much know of two things that don't fix problems; one is gunz, the other is prayer. Of the two I will admit that I would rather someone was praying for me than gunning for me.

    Wonder if, with five misdemeanors (including a pair of DUI's) this young christian markzman was getting some counselling. Or was prayer all he really needed?