Friday, June 10, 2011

Trigger-happy Miami Cops at it Again

The Miami Herald reports

The shooting happened shortly after noon Wednesday in the 12900 block of Northwest 13th Street. The events leading up to it began in the area, with police doing surveillance of a crime suspect, Baez said. 

Officers spotted Santana driving a white 1993 Toyota but when they tried to stop the car, the man drove away into a wooded area, according to police. A female passenger, 57, was in the car with him, Baez said.

Near the 12900 block of Northwest 13th Street, the car reached a dead end street and stopped. According to police, the man got out, a confrontation followed, and officers fired.

Santana died at the scene. Police did not know if the suspect was armed. They also did not know how many officers fired.

The passenger wasn’t hurt. She was in police custody Wednesday and being questioned by officers, Baez said.
I'll bet the cops will get commendations and the female passanger will be charged with felony murder. What do you think?

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