Monday, June 6, 2011

The Unfiltered Stupidity of Patrick Butts

Per usual, Patrick Butts (aka Faitmaker) is ranting about Joan Peterson and what a horrible, awful woman she is and how she should defer to the most manly, masculine and macho Mr. Butts and his cohorts like Andrew Johnston  (Weerd Beard) and Jonathan Clark Sullivan (Linoge).

Anyhoo, Mister Butts attempts to take Baldir to task for the suggestion that maybe, perhaps dopers ought not carry guns.  The Butts-meister then launches into a stream-of-consciousness litany of non sequiturs and other logical fallacies.  But this caught my eye:
For the record, I drank Saturday while car­ry­ing my firearm on pri­vate prop­erty and while I was shoot­ing a bow and not once did my hol­ster leave my side or did I endan­ger any­one with my bow. Had I done any­thing dan­ger­ous or hurt any­one, I would have been charged and con­victed I am sure, as it should be. If we are going to start cre­at­ing laws so that nobody can poten­tially hurt any­one, as they seem to want to do, we need to take cars off the road as well. Because if I did some­thing that caused an acci­dent, and some­one died, I would feel just as badly as I would have if I acci­den­tally shot some­one with firearm or bow. There is no difference.

Such is the mouthbreathing ignorance of gunloons like Mister Butts.  His logic is simple: he did something and nobody got hurt so it's 100% safe but if he did something and someone got maimed or killed--well, he'd feel pretty bad about it.

Actually, Butts hasn't thought this out very well.  Let's suppose his kids' bus driver wants down a couple cold ones while driving the kids (and geez, who wouldn't want a few brews if you had to deal with a busload of kids)  to and from school.  If the kids make it unscathed, are we to suppose Patrick Butts is ok with this?  When Butts goes in for liposuction, I suppose it's fine and dandy with him if his doctor does a doobie or two before the procedure--y'know, just to get his mind off of sucking fat out of Buttsie's midsection.

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