Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Should Those Who Have a History of Domestic Abuse Lose Rights to Own Guns?

Something to consider while reading this story, how would the fatalities and injuries that result from domestic violence be different, if the abusers didn't have access to a gun or guns?  Could we do more to prevent tragedies like this, and why don't we?

from MSNBC:
Sheriff's deputy shot dead, wife goes into labor
Deputy Wyman, who served in Iraq as a U.S. Marine, was responding to domestic dispute

A sheriff's deputy in upstate New York died overnight Tuesday after being shot at the end of a six-hour standoff, and his wife went into labor with their second child upon hearing the news, local media reported.
Deputy Kurt Wyman, 24, died after being rushed to a Utica hospital following the shootout around 2 a.m. Tuesday inside a garage in the rural hamlet of Knoxboro, Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol said eight hours after the incident.
Sheriff's spokesman Lt. James McCarthy told the Observer-Dispatch the couple has one child together, and that the deputy's wife, named in the report as Lauren, went into labor with the couple's second child upon hearing her husband had been shot.
WKTV reported that members of Wyman's church received a text message Tuesday morning with the news of Wyman's death and his wife's labor.
The station said family and many law enforcement members had gathered at St. Elizabeth Medical Center, the hospital where Wyman died in surgery, the Dispatch reported, citing McCarthy.
Maciol said Wyman joined the sheriff's department in October 2007 and spent a year deployed in Iraq with a Marine Corps Reserve unit before returning to the police agency in 2009.
'Family was certainly No. 1' "Deputy Wyman was an exceptional public servant who served his country and who served his county with pride, and he will be greatly missed," Maciol said, according to the Dispatch. "Family was certainly No. 1 with him."
A Facebook profile apparently belonging to Lauren Wyman showed a pregnant woman smiling as she took a self-portrait photo; a page under Kurt Wyman's name showed a picture of a toddler — The Dispatch reported the couple also has an 18-month-old son — whose face was smudged with the evidence of a messy meal.
Survivors also include Wyman's parents and a sister.
As for the suspect in the case, Maciol alleged 40-year-old Christian Patterson shot Wyman once with a shotgun as officers tried to take him into custody around 2 a.m. ET.
The sheriff said three other officers returned fire and hit Patterson several times. He was in critical condition at the same hospital where Wyman died.
Six-hour standoff Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara said at a press conference that he intends to charge Patterson with aggravated murder, WKTV reported.
"The only punishment for it is life imprisonment without parole," he said, according to the station, adding that the office would file charges at an appropriate time pending Patterson's release from the hospital. Officials said Patterson had surgery Tuesday morning.
Maciol said Wyman and Deputy Mark Chrysler arrived at Patterson's home around 8 p.m. Monday after his live-in girlfriend called 911 and reported he was threatening to kill her and himself. The sheriff said Shannon Secor fled to a neighbor's home and was unharmed.
Patterson held the deputies at bay while other law enforcement officers arrived and tried to get him to surrender. Maciol says the officers rushed Patterson six hours later when he indicated he was going to harm himself. The sheriff refused to release any other details about the circumstances of the shootings.
Knoxboro is a tiny rural crossroads in the town of Augusta, a farming community of 2,000 residents about 30 miles southeast of Syracuse.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.


  1. This is the sham that is the so-called "law-abiding citizen."

    "Law-abiding citizen" in gunloonspeak is anyone who isn't a felon. IOW, you can have a string of misdemeanors--including v9iolence--and still be a "law-abiding citizen."

  2. Dog gone: “Should those who have a history of domestic abuse lose rights to own guns”?

    They already do. Are you phrasing this as a question coming from those who want to repeal the Lautenberg amendment?

    Maciol says the officers rushed Patterson six hours later when he indicated he was going to harm himself.

    This I don’t get. It is not worth your own life to try and stop a suicidal person in an obviously violent situation. Someone who wants to die operates with no consequences and can be extremely dangerous.

  3. Dog Gone:

    I heard this on the news this morning. I'm about 35 miles NW of Syracuse. This area is full of hunters, recreational shooters and is fairly SKKKrotalPatriotiKKK.

    I was talking to my buddy's neighbor the other day. Nice young fella, been a cop for 10 years and looks likes he's about 19 (clean living, good genes, who knows?). He says that increasingly, in this area, the scumbags that are their main caseload--the wifebeaters, tweakers, career criminals of various sorts--are using Glocks and S&W's that are former service weapons for various LE agencies. New York has pretty strict laws re: handguns and concealed carry. But if you want a gun you pretty much just need to drive to PA and you'll be able to find one. Or VT or OH. The guns are out there. The shitheads are out there. It's not a good mix.

  4. "The guns are out there. The shitheads are out there. It's not a good mix."

    Yet you would see everyone else disarmed and at the mercy of those shitheads.

  5. No, FWM, we would see the truly lawful citizens strictly controlled so that the shitheads cannot so easily get guns.

    Why do you resist that? Do you want the shitheads to have easy access as long as you aren't invonvenienced? Is it worth it to you?

  6. Crazy as a loon and no gunJune 8, 2011 at 11:12 PM

    A Marengo couple was stabbed multiple times Tuesday night by a man police say had a history of mental illness.

    John G. Feldkamp, 83, his wife Audrey J. Feldkamp, 81, were at home in the 7500 block of Somerset Drive when Doran W. Bloom, 27, broke in and attacked the family with a knife, McHenry County Sheriff's Office said. Audrey Feldkamp was stabbed 14 times, police said.

    The couple's son, Scott A. Feldkamp, 54, suffered a punctured lung and was transported to Sherman Hospital in Elgin for further medical treatment, authorities said.

    According to reports, Scott Feldkamp was able to obtain a gun during the attack and shoot the intruder before police responded.

    John Feldkamp and Bloom both died at the scene while Audrey Feldkamp was flown to St. Anthony's Hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

    McHenry County Sheriffs say the Feldkamps may have known Bloom, but there is no indication they were friends. Police were told Bloom was prone to "episodes of rage."

    There is no motive and no indication why the Feldkamp family was targeted, police said.

    Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Elderly-Couple-Murdered-in-Home-Invasion-123464129.html#ixzz1OilBasuR

    What you really wanted Mikey, is that Mr prone to rage should have been able to keep on stabbing and killed the son.

    He should have waited till the police showed up, nobody should have been shot....

  7. MikeB,

    The average law enforcement response time for my area is between 1 hour to 3 days. Unarmed is more than an inconvenience.

  8. In the real world, this woman as a mutual combatant, could have been the subject of a DA restraining order and not allowed a gun in your perfect world......


  9. FWM says, "Unarmed is more than an inconvenience."

    That would be perfectly true if we were talking about disarming you. We're not. I mean, unless you've got a history you haven't shared with us.

  10. "Your misplaced histrionics" has it wrong too. We're not talking about disarming good people.

    You know what it is, the pro-gun argument is so weak that the only way they can make a point is to exaggerate what we say and argue against that.