Friday, June 10, 2011

She Has a CCW


It's a long read and pretty tough slogging.  The bottomline is this is a person who has a smorgasbord of troubles--financial, employment, personal, health (physical and mental), etc.

Frankly, this is not a person who should be around firearms.  Not just for her own safety, but for others'.

She seems to be buddys with many gunbloggers; why aren't they suggesting she give up the guns?


  1. So if you lose your job you lose your rights? You are reaching awful hard for anything aren't you?

  2. FWM: It's much more than the fact she can't get a job.

    You really ought to read the whole thing. We're talking about someone who is on (and off)some pretty serious meds, has a number of health issues including seizures, talks about suicide, and engages in parasuicide.

    This isn't a reach at all, FWM. This is a pretty seriously hurting individual who needs a lot more help than she's getting.

  3. "FWM: It's much more than the fact she can't get a job.

    Even as disabled as she appears, she could probably still get hired as a teacher, school counselor, or work for the dod overseas. Even the Peace Corp could put her to work.

    "This is a pretty seriously hurting individual who needs a lot more help than she's getting.

    Agreed. But as a society we've dumped billions into managing the dysfunctional. Where does it end? And what areas should remain hands off? At some point, most of us stop caring about such broken people.

    She 'might' be suicidal, true. So what of it? Does the state own her life? Or does she own it herself? I tend to think people own their own lives. If they choose to end it, I just hope they have the decency to finalize their finances, sell their belongings, and do it in the privacy of their own homes (over taking others with them).

    But I see no reason why the vast majority of us gun owners would want to inconvenience ourselves over the growing dysfunctional portion of our society.

    But if you feel that badly for her send her an email or contact her family. She could be your new roomy. ;)

  4. I know, she could get a job as an NRA instructor.

    Joking aside, Jadegold's point is a good one. FWM immediately gets his back up about the "rights" issue, but what we're talking about is not whether she has a right to do something or not. We're talking about her safety. Some of us think guns are almost always a liability, but even you big gun-defenders must admit that SOMETIMES they are.

  5. If you guys are so concerned about her "safety" why don't you do something about it. I mean instead of just blogging about it. Or are you just making fun of her, or using her to further your own agenda?

  6. What you propose we do, Anon?

    Don't you think the idea of help might be better accepted coming from her friends?

  7. I'm not all that concerned about her safety. Who said that. I'd just like to point out that "gun rights" are not the answer for everyone.

  8. She's dealing. She has a great support group of friends and family. She is no danger to anyone, including herself. However, people like you who can't mind their own business put me very close to edge.

  9. I find it amusing that a couple of trolls who live in their own fantasy world seem content to pass judgment on the mental health of a person they've never met.

    1. It's not so much about judging any particular person as it is about requiring higher standards for gun ownership and concealed carry permits.

    2. Tell that to the people who carry illegally so they can threaten and murder. I think you're getting the two categories mixed up, homie.

    3. No, nothing is mixed up here. There are criminals who do bad things and there are law-abiding gun owners (those who've never been caught and still have clean records) who do bad things. Obviously we can't directly affect the criminals, but we can affect many of the others. Higher standards for gun ownership would eliminate many of the bad apples from owning guns legally. Some of them would become out-and-out criminals and guy guns illegally, but not all. We'd be ahead of the game, and the beauty is none of the truly safe and responsible people would be deprived of anything.