Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Patrick Butts and Being "ProCriminal"

"Turn to the left."
Often, gunloon bloggers will try mightily to come up with a catchy term or phrase describing those of us who want to see reasonable gun laws. Like "hoplophobe" or "gungrabber" or something.

Jonathan Clark Sullivan (Linoge) tried esoteric terms from Firefly  but since he and about 20 others ever watched the show, his bon mots never caught on.

Patrick Butts thinks he's got one: "procriminal."

Buttsie's thinking is that if you don't want everybody to have guns, then you're in favor of criminals.  That's some deep thinking, there.

Imagine if I,  or any other rational person, decided to call all gunloons 'procriminal.'  Jonathan Clark Sullivan (Linoge) would launch a 12,000 word post in which some form of the word 'libel' would be used at least 247 times.

Sorry, Buttmaster, 'procriminal' just doesn't work.  After all, it's gunloons like you that permit criminals easy access to guns.


  1. And it is GFW/antis like that always want to let the thugs have their way.....

    "why did he have to be shot for breaking into another persons house..... he has only has 15 prior convictions.... no one should be able to defend themselves with a gun...."

  2. GFW? That's new.

    Is that from Patrick Butts?

  3. It would appear that Mr. Butts is very Pro-calorie.

  4. This site is hilarious. Man I wish I could have come here drunk...