Sunday, June 5, 2011

How are those Gun Laws working, Florida?

Gunloons often cite Florida as a place were lax gun laws have led to a safe, crime-free utopia.

But, as always, gunloons have their facts wrong.

When Florida lawmakers in 2005 made their state one of the first to significantly expand its citizens' self-defense rights, they hoped doing so would deter criminals and ultimately reduce violent crime.

What they got instead was two years worth of increasing gun violence. By mid-2007, the incidence of murders, armed robberies and assaults had increased statewide by 42 percent, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website.


  1. So many options on how to refute this… Which one should I go with? I’ll use Mike’s favorite excuse; It would have been worse without it.

  2. Not true, TS. Violent crime rates have expanded much faster in Florida compared to the rest of the nation.

  3. By what measure, Baldr? For the United States, violent crime rates have dropped 43.3% since their high in 1991. Over the same period, Florida dropped 48.3%. I am sure you can find some period of time where Florida was worse, which is what Jade did, but that is not looking at the big picture.

    Incidentally, my comment was a nod to MikeB’s excuse for the failure of gun control; “it would have been worse without it”. I don’t believe that castle laws can have any measureable impact on crime rates, but rather serve to keep a few innocent people out of jail (or from being sued into poverty).

  4. By the way Jade, In California it is against the law to feed or molest bears. Is that just stupid everywhere else?

  5. Wait until the drug tests for whack start up. Drugs equals no whack. Gun up folks.

  6. Florida's got more problems than you can shake a stick at. Lax gun laws is one of 'em.