Sunday, December 25, 2011

Another Florida Big Shooting

Hey, it's Florida, after all.  

What did you expect from a state where there are regularly occurring lawless shootings and easy weapons access?

Florida is happy to take money from non-Floridians as well, with some of them ore lenient gun laws for permits of the 50 states.  And yet in a situation like this, not one of those many citizens carrying personal firearms so they can blow away all those bad guys that might, just maybe, however unlikely, threaten them shot the bad guys.  

Maybe those macho, brave, hyper-manly gun carriers just didn't like the odds and decided to just lay low and play it safe instead, this time.

Ya think?

So no one should be too surprised when a mall parking lot turns up 100 spent shell casings. 

If these 'shootists' are caught, I wonder where it will turn out they acquired their firearms?

From CNN:

Police: Man killed with assault rifle outside Florida mall

From Alta Spells, CNN
updated 5:40 AM EST, Sat December 24, 2011
  • Authorities find shell casings up and down two rows of a parking lot
  • Three vehicles and a wall of a crowded shopping center were also struck by gunfire
  • The unidentified assailants are at large
(CNN) -- A shooting outside a crowded Florida mall on Friday night left one man dead and more than 100 shell casings at the scene, authorities said.
Lt. Jay Rodriguez of the Fort Myers Police Department said two men were walking in the parking lot of Edison Mall when an unknown number of assailants pulled up in a vehicle with high-powered rifles and started firing.
One man was killed; his name was not released pending notification of relatives. The other man was not hit.
Authorities are investigating a deadly shooting outside a Florida mall on Friday.
Authorities are investigating a deadly shooting outside a Florida mall on Friday.
Rodriguez said shell casings were found up and down two rows of the parking lot, leading authorities to believe the attackers were targeting a man "as he was running towards the mall."
"Three vehicles were completely shot up. The wall of the mall was shot up pretty good," Rodriguez said, adding that the mall was packed with holiday shoppers.
Police are looking for the unidentified attackers, who fled in a gray four-door vehicle.
The motive for the shooting was not immediately clear.
CNN's Maria P. White contributed to this report.

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  1. Boy, them cops and newsies just can't ever get it right.

    Were those "high powered rifles" or just someathem underpowered carbines that fire an intermediate sized round like a 5.56 mm (.22 cal., really--HT to Greg Camp, Master Armorer). Them rounds only make a small, little entry wound, nothin' like you'd get from a REAL rifle like a .30-06 or oneathese puppies (!

    Then, again, squeezin' off a round with that baby can be the true test of a man's manhoodieness.