Friday, December 30, 2011

More clip

This is a stripper clip. It is called a "charger" in UK English:
They are used for some bolt action and semiautomatic firearms. I say firearms since some semiautomatic pistols use them as well--e.g. the Steyr-Hahn and the "broomhandle" Mauser:
Quite frankly, I agree with democomie that "the whole "clip v magazine" and "automatic v semi-automatic" meme are nothing but a distraction".
Whenever there is an article about some idiot shooting people with an SKS, AK-47, M-16, AR-15 or any other weapon that bears a resemblance in appearance or design and some newsie or other refers to "automatic rifle" or some such thing, the gunzloonz dysintelligentsia goes off. Same thing when a magazine is referred to a clip.

Nothing but an attempt on the gunzloonz part to shift the focus of the arguments against allowing un/disqualified persons access to firearms.


  1. I agree that some of the confusion can be a distraction and intentionally cause confusion but I think it started with the anti's:

    "The semi-automatic weapons' menacing looks, coupled with the public's confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons — anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun — can only increase that chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons." — Josh Sugarman, 1988, Violence Policy Center."

  2. FatWhiteMan:

    I think that your quote is actually highlighting the fact that before Sugarman brought it up in 1988, the confusion was already well established in popular culture.

  3. Democommie,

    On the face of it, that Sugarman quotation reveals what your side wants, namely banning as many guns as possible.

  4. Greg Camp:

    "On the face of it, that Sugarman quotation reveals what your side wants, namely banning as many guns as possible."

    Direct reading of the quote reveals that you're completely full of shit.

    Regardless that you're full of shit about the quote itself, where the fuck do you get the idea that I'm a fan or supporter of the Brady Campaign or VPC? I'm sure that making such a ludicrous statement as that one you'll be able to come up with some comment by me that says that I am in common cause with the Brady Campaign.

  5. At a gun show once I bought a bandoleer that had 100 rounds of .303 British. On the box, it was labeled "Greek Mfd. 1 band. 100 ctrg on 5 round chargers."

    U.S. Surplus is usually marked as "clips" and the "charger" is a device to temporarily affix the clip to the magazine when charging just magazines on rifles with removable magazines. On fixed magazine rifles, the "charger" was usually a permanent part of the receiver.

    Hence charger and clip used to mean the same thing from different nations and both words used for different things in our military. I wonder what the British called the "chargers" that were built into their receivers?

    I really don't think that this difference in nomenclature was meant to confuse the Brits or the yanks during the great wars.

    Of course on both sides, rather it is a clip or a charger, they are both used to charge a magazine and are neither interchangeable with the magazine.

    If you want my honest opinion, I think the "clip" vs. "magazine" misuse originated on the gun loon side rather than with the anti-freedom crowd.

    Prior to WW2, very few commercial, or military rifles for that matter, had detachable magazines. Soldiers from all sides of WW2 were issued "clips" to charge their rifles with. A few had weapons with interchangeable magazines but ammo was still issued on clips to recharge those magazines.

    I believe that in the post war years, as surplus rifles hit the shores, and plenty of surplus ammo too, the terms clip and magazine was interchanged a lot. TV and movies picked up on it as well.

    I really think the anti's abuse of the word clip stems mostly just from hearing it misused by everyone else including gunloons. They really don't know the difference between an clip and a magazine but there is a difference I assure you.

    They just want to ban anything gun for the sake of banning something and could care less what we call it.

  6. Democommie,

    I don't know, perhaps it's because you advocate things that the Brady Bunch advocate. Perhaps it's because you made comments about sending in a donation to the Brady Bunch a little while ago. I don't care if you're a card-carrying member or if you're just a collaborator, a part of a Fifth Column, or other such. You're on the side of gun control.

    If you insist that the quotation given doesn't show that Sugarman wants to ban classes of guns, then please do tell us what it actually means.

  7. Perhaps Laci the Dog can tell us what happens to a raw recruit who confuses the words "gun" and "rifle."

    (At one point in the U.S. Army, said recruit was made to stand outside the mess hall with his rifle in one hand and his crotch in the other. He was required to tell everyone who passed by, "This is my rifle, and this is my gun. This one's for shooting, and this one's for fun. I suppose that some technical terms can matter more than others. . .)

  8. I disagree with FWM. There is no confusion, especially a purposeful effort on the part of the gun control folks. There has been a terribly tedious attempt on the part of the gun-rights folks to belabor the defination of terms like "loophole" and "clip," of which everyone involved knows the intent.

  9. Its a question of credibility. When a supposed expert on TV attempts to 'educate' us all about the dangers of "high capacity clips," and then uses their supposed credibility to endorse the latest gun control effort, anyone who knows better can't help but be a little insulted. These idiots claim to be experts who know better than anyone what we should and should not have access to but they can't even tell the difference between full auto and semi-auto or clips and magazines.