Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul - Then and Now

If you're a one-issue voter, he's your man.


  1. Mikeb302000,

    He looks like your candidate--wants to legalize drugs, opposes American adventurism in foreign wars--oh, but he's probably against gun control. Oh well.

  2. Greg Camp, as usual, reads a paragraph and thinks he read the book.

    Ron Paul is a racist piece of shit. He doesn't oppose U.S. adventurism in foreign economies, he's just dumb enough to think that everybody loves MurKKKin shit so much that they can't wait to pay us whatever the hell we ask for it. He doesn't want to legalize drugs. He wants to end the feds involvement in the War On Drugs (still allowing the states to do whatever the hell they want).

    His latest legislative gambit is to delegitimize the federal courts system. He's a fucking crackpot who hates black people and virtually the entire federal gummint. Fuck him.

  3. Proof of Ron Paul's Racism:

  4. Ron Paul then and now; scum, always.

  5. Of course you don't like Ron Paul, you have the mind of an authoritarian and the face of an uninformed voter.

  6. Anusymous:

    And you have no face at all.

    Ron Paul is a piece of shit, his followers are either similar pieces of shit or delusional morons. Take your pick.

  7. Really intelligent there, democulo.

  8. Assonymous:

    So, you're a Paul supporter. Read this:

    (or have someone read it to you) and then get back to me about what a swell piece of shit, racist, anti-choice, shit-for-brains gold standard advocate your boy, Paul, is.