Monday, December 26, 2011

A Line in the Sand


  1. Mike Vanderbloat is a pathetic poseur. I notice he be likin' to wear the military style shirt with the oh-so sexy epaulettes--btw, wtf is it with gunzloonz and camo, or anyone else for that matter? I love ballet, but I don't want to run around in a tulle skirt and pointe shoes alla time. Does MikeyV spend so much time blastin' the deeroperps that he can't just go home and change.

    The interview with Mr. Fox reveals the mindset of a man who really, Really, REALLY wants somebody to give him an excuse to show them just how fucking bad he is. If it's 'tween them perps and his FAMILY, it's gonna be the perp, evertime, by GOD! Now, there's a man whos "threat assessment skills" look to me to be derived from reading lots of breathless prose, not actually takin' down the perps. I didn't see his family in the interview. I hope they're home in the saferoom or, if they're out in the dangerous REAL world that mom at least has a nice Mossberg JIC (TM) 12 GA loaded with 00 Buck that she can whip out from under her stylish ankle length duster when she's gettin' jacked at a stoplight--or maybe not.

    In any event, while looking for something else I came across this:

    Considering the number of proper gun handling procedure fails here, I'm curious what the ones that were deemed TOO stupid to post show.

  2. So, MikeyV is saying that 3% of MurKKKins are sociopaths and traitors? Or is it just 3% of gun owners? 3% of gunzloonz? Can we get a Venn Diagram to figger it out?

    The gummints got jet planes and howitzers and tanks and machine gunz--according to Mr. Fox. What he forgets or just doesn't say (too scary to contemplate?) is that they also have teh gazillamodo of electronic eavesdropping with its many webbish and telecommie interfaces. Oh, yeah, satellites--the 3% don't got someathem, too, also.

  3. Mikeb302000:

    I'm sorry for not bringing it to your attention earlier, but I just realized you had made a typo in the header.

    That SHOULD read:

    "A Lie in the Sand.", yes?

  4. Yep, true bunch of enlightened liberals here. When you can't attack the message you attack the messenger. Vanderbough is RIGHT about Gun Runner. PERIOD!

  5. Mike Vanderbullshit hasn't been right about anything, except which day his gummint check shows up, in years.

  6. greenmeanie, I wonder if you saw the wonderful irony in your calling us "enlightened liberals" and in the same sentence saying when we can't attack the message we attack the messenger.

    We do attack the message, as a matter of fact.

    Mike V. is obessed with Fast and Furious for one simple reason, obfuscation, diversion, smokescreen. Oh, that's three simple reasons.

  7. There's another name for the "3 percenters"... "tiny minority", better known as "extremist fringe."

  8. Baldr Odinson:

    It's just a damned good thing that they meet in secret and don't let anyone see their faces.