Monday, December 26, 2011

Texas Massacre - Another Family Gone

Yahoo News reports

Police in a Dallas suburb dubbed the "Christmas Capital of Texas" searched for clues on Monday to explain the apparent murder-suicide rampage that left seven people shot dead among unwrapped holiday presents.

The dead -- four women and three men, one of them believed to be the gunman -- were found late Sunday morning in an apartment living room in the town of Grapevine by police answering a voiceless 911 emergency call, authorities said.

Two pistols were recovered from the home, said Sergeant Robert Eberling of the Grapevine police department, who called it a "gruesome crime scene" and the worst outburst of gun violence in the town's history.

In Texas, as in many other places, they insist on the fact that gun ownership is a right protected by the Constitution. In order to preserve that right, gun-rights folks resist the restrictions that would keep guns out of the hands of dangerous, unstable people.

This is the price we pay.

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  1. I guess somebody musta looked behind the teevee BEFORE anybody else opened a present. Or, maybe somebody looked behind the teevee, saw that Santa hadn't left them a matte black, Oaky Moss camo or hot pink--NOT AN FULLY AUTOMATIC RIFLE AND NOT A MAIN BATTLE RIFLE, YOU LIEBRAL IDIOTS, BUT A SEMI-AUTOMATIC CARBINE THAT FIRES AN INTERMEDIATE ROUND LIKE A 5.56 (WHICH IS REALLY JUST A .22 CAL., SO THERE) THAT MAKES A SMALL ENTRY HOLE!!!--and they were just terribly disappointed. So they killed everbuddy in the whole house, with the gunz they already had*.

    No, that couldn't be it. I'm sure there's a rational explanation for someone shooting six other people and then themselves.

    * And I'll bet that they didn't need no 20 round MAGAZINES to do it, neither. Cuz', if we've learned nothing else from out gunzloonz friends, we've learned that constant practice, live fire practice, gives them the edge in any confrontation they might have wit teh perps--even perps in bunny slippers, terrycloth robes and jammies--hooooooooooooooooooooah!

  2. Hey, where's all the jocularity that was so apparent on that "NRA SortaXmas" thread from yesterday? I mean the only REAL difference is that there are 7 people dead in this, "Celebratin' the birth of baby JESUS wit teh gunz" story.

    Oh, drat, I know why there's nobody here. They're all out returnin' the useless shit they got for Christmas and gettin' store credits for more gunz.

    I got a nice little painting for Christmas, from a friend (along with a whole buncha yummy food) who stopped by with his wife and kids. I don't think I can do anything with that except enjoy it. Ratz.

  3. "I'm sure there's a rational explanation for someone shooting six other people and then themselves."

    I don't know about "rational" but it turns out instead of some NRA gunloon family like you assumed, "Santa" was a Muslim fanatic performing an 'honor killing'.