Sunday, December 25, 2011

Violence, It's All Relative

Friends. Family. Guns and Crime.  We've already written here recently about the correlation between family and friends and guns used in crime.  

This is an instance where they eliminated the middle man - and left the guest of honor at his home coming party celebrating his return from combat paralyzed.  But according to the pro-gunners, we shouldn't stop the wrong people from having guns before they do things like this, because guns are just inanimate objects that can be used to shoot people. 

Of course, the reality is that guns are weapons, and some people shouldn't have them, because they do bad things with them.  Presumably the shooter or shootist was carrying a firearm for protection from goblins, people who did something he perceived as threatening.  We never see people who admit they are not safe with firearms or who believe they shouldn't have them because they don't know when it is safe or appropriate to use them.  The people who do these shootings all want their firearms, and are adamant they should be able to have them and bring them everywhere ........and then someone gets hurt or killed who shouldn't have been.

 From and the AP:

California soldier shot at his homecoming party