Saturday, December 31, 2011

Arizona - Another Too-easily Obtained Firearm Kills Someone

Arizona, land of freely accessible guns, where the whole panoply of gun mythology is embraced and is this really much of a surprise?

This guy is a teen felon.  And yet he could get his hands on this gun, and then acted out part of the gun culture mythology, displaying part of the poor impulse control, and poor judgment associated with his age and teen development.

From and the news services:

Teen charged in fatal Russian roulette game

Arizona youth to be tried as adult on illegal gun possession because of earlier charge

updated 12/29/2011 5:50:10 PM ET
A western Arizona teen has been charged with a felony stemming from the death of another teen who shot himself in the head while playing Russian roulette. 
The Mohave County Sheriff's Office says 15-year-old Edward Charles Angelo Jr. is charged as an adult with being a prohibited possessor of a gun, a felony because he previously was convicted of felony burglary and theft counts. staff and news service reports.
Investigators say Angelo took a .22-caliber gun to a Kingman home on Sept. 25 and a group of friends watched as 16-year-old Kevin Hudgens played Russian roulette, a game in which the player puts a single round in a gun, spins the cylinder, aims it at his head and pulls the trigger.
The group was in a travel trailer in the North Glen Road's home, officials said.
Hudgens was flown to Sunrise Medical Center in Las Vegas before dying of his injuries.
It's unclear whether Angelo has an attorney.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.


  1. They should make russian roulette illegal.

  2. MAgunowner said...

    They should make russian roulette illegal.

    They should make getting a gun when you are this age and this stupid illegal - and enforce it.

    Unlike the Arizona private sale / gun show loophole (also in other states) that makes it far too easy for things like this to happen.

  3. Well, we can certainly all be happy that it was only a .22 cal. slug and not some whomping fat .45 from a 19ll which mighta rick'o'shayed around the room and hurt some other folks.

    At least we know that this was a suicide*.

    Yup, there's a silver lining in every cloud.

    * Assuming that investigators/forensics doesn't figure out that the kid didn't actually shoot himself in the head, but got a little help.

  4. Dog Gone,

    It was already illegal for this minor to be carrying a gun to another's home. He's a felon, and under Arizona law, minors can only transport an unloaded firearm to and from a target shooting event or while hunting. I don't see how private sales or gun shows (not a loophole, despite your pleas to the contrary) are responsible, since it's illegal to sell a firearm to a minor. In this case, there should be an investigation into how the child got the gun, since he, at least, was breaking multiple laws by possessing it, but "the system" isn't at fault here.

  5. " I don't see how private sales or gun shows (not a loophole, despite your pleas to the contrary) are responsible, since it's illegal to sell a firearm to a minor."

    Well that because you're completely ignorant or you're just flat out lying. There is plenty of evidence showing that a number of private sellers (some of whom sell LOTS of gunz) are not as honest as you and your gunzloonz confederates characterize them as being. Since you have said that you've bought weapons from private sellers with no problems (and no paperwork) how do we know that you're not one of the dishonest buyers/sellers who don't care where their gunz go as long as they can profit from the commerce?--and have LOTS of fun, stickin' it to the MAN!

    The "system" isn't a system, moron. It's a cobbled together group of laws that differ from state to state and has, at best, mediocre enforcement in states where people like you cherish convenience for yourselves over public safety.

  6. Democommie,

    It's already illegal to sell a firearm to a minor. How much more illegal can it get? What new law would change anything in this case? There were at least two crimes committed here, if not more. Dog Gone implied that lax laws were the problem here, but that's not the case. Exactly what new law would have made this event not happen?