Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays from the NRA

via Rackjite

I've got a gun and it ain't teenie, it makes up for my little weenie.

Editors note: I added the text, but the picture itself has been floating around the Gunloon blogs since last Xmas as a positive photo shopped graphic, they love it! A celebration of violence and the promotion of military assault rifles with 40 round clips to give to 9 year old's in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The worst people in America - Gunloons
The worser people in America - The NRA
The worstest people in America - Those who suck up - or are afraid to speak out - to this gun culture of ours which has gone off the deep end.

Keep asking yourself what the hand guns with 20 round clips, the machine pistols and military assault rifles with 40 round clips are for. Gosh...


  1. It's interesting that your source for that photograph doesn't allow comments--what a shock.

    The worst people in America? The people who can't stand the idea of free Americans.

  2. This:

    "Only registered users may post comments here. Get your own account here and then log into this blog. Your browser must support cookies.

    The author does not allow comments to this entry"

    is what the website actually had posted on the "comments" page. So another GSW, proving for the umpteenth time that Greg Camp is a FUCKING LIAR.

  3. You know what's a lie? Saying that modern pistols use clips.

  4. My brother got one just like it, sans the scope, for Christmas this morning. His wife wrapped it and stuck it behind the TV and waited until everyone was done openning to ask "what that was behind the TV", just like the movie.

    Its okay though. He is a cop and MikeB says that only the police should have evil black rifles.

    Merry Christmas to the entire blog! Even to those of you that hate freedom. :)

  5. "You know what's a lie? Saying that modern pistols use clips."

    It's actually a mistake that seems to be made by a lot of people who actually USE guns, if the guy in this video;

    is to be believed.

    Of course I can see where someone like the original poster of at Rackjite who probably doesn't own gunz could (and probably will continue) to make such mistake. Just as I can see how someone like assnonymous would be reaching for straws...

  6. Anonymous, although "magazine" is the preferred word, "clip" can be used as a synonym. It's in the dictionary.

  7. Democommie,

    Adding more detail to what I said doesn't make my original comment a lie. You're only showing the truth of my assessment.

  8. Greg Camp:

    Is there some ambiguity in this:

    "It's interesting that your source for that photograph doesn't allow comments--what a shock."

    that I missed?


    Yours is a blanket statement. For a guy who teaches english for a living you don't seem to have any concern about being precise in your own writing.

    And, sadly--for you--you remain a FUCKING LIAR.