Saturday, August 18, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Las Vegas 10-year-old by Himself - Mom in Jail

Local news reports

North Las Vegas Detectives arrested Carmen Gustin of North Las Vegas on charges stemming from a shooting that occurred in her home on Aug. 9 that left her 10-year-old sun in critical condition with an allegedly self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head

Gustin, 38, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on charges of child abuse with substantial bodily harm, two counts of child neglect, and one count of destroying evidence.

Authorities say the boy appears to have found a handgun in the house and shot himself Aug. 9 while he was home alone with a 3-year-old brother.

Charging documents accuse 38-year-old Gustin of initially telling police her son's head injury came from a fall. They say she also took the gun her son had used and hid it in a dresser drawer.
It's not the amazing negligence of leaving a gun around kids that gets people locked up. It's lying to the police about it. That really pisses them off.

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  1. But she's white. According to your narrative, that should have protected her.

    Out here in the real world, of course, we realize that she's stupid. Injuries from a fall and injuries from a gunshot are two separate things. I've seen reports that C.S.I. is creating a distorted expectation of what forensics can do, but this woman apparently has too little understanding.

    1. She lives in North Las Vegas. Her kids are probably half-black.

  2. Both of you are idiots..