Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Accidental Shooting Death of Tennessee Turkey Hunter - Shooter Goes to Jail

The Daily Herald reports

A Lewis County man will serve more than a year in prison for the 2011 accidental shooting death of another man, county officials said.

William Wesley Allen was found guilty of the criminally negligent homicide of 38-year-old Patrick Bennett after a two-day jury trial June 13-14, the Lewis County Herald reported. He pled guilty to an additional charge of hunting during a closed season.

Judy Bennett, the victim’s mother, told The Daily Herald her son died of a gunshot wound to the neck while turkey hunting in a wooded area on March 27, 2011.

Allen was hunting with a child in the area when the incident occurred. He told a jury he didn’t see Patrick Bennett through the trees, Judy Bennett said.

Allen was sentenced Wednesday to serve 18 months in a state prison for the charge of criminally negligent homicide. He was also ordered to serve 30 days in the county jail for hunting in closed season. The two sentences will be served concurrently, a county court official said.
It's interesting how many negligent shooting stories we've seen among turkey hunters.

1. Tennessee
2. Alabama
3. Oregon
4. North Carolina

And that's just earlier this year. What is it with turkey hunting? Does it attract a lower caliber gun owner than, say, deer hunting?  Excuse the pun?

What do you think about the sentencing of William Wesley Allen?  Was that too severe?  It was an accident, after all.

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  1. Since none of us sat on the jury, I would say he got what he got. If your not responsible enough to see what is in front of your sights, well,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. And now he is a prohibited person no more turkey hunting for him.....

    Charged tried and convicted.....

  3. What about her son.