Monday, August 13, 2012

Oklahoma is OK with the Mentally Ill Buying Guns

The Republic reports

According to a 2011 report by the gun control advocacy group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Oklahoma lags behind other states in supplying mental health records to the national database used for these types of background checks. Though federal law attempts to motivate states to submit these records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), Oklahoma has only sent three mental health records since 2009, the group reported.
This is the disgraceful situation that happens in many states.  Although I don't believe the NRA can be blamed directly for this, they aren't actively orchestrating the bureaucratic mess that allows this to happen, they aren't doing anything to help either.  They aren't spending any of their money to lobby for changes. They're sitting back and just watching like everybody else.

The funny thing is, this may be the very thing that tips the scales of public opinion eventually.  Allowing mentally unstable people to purchase guns as freely as they do guarantees an increased number of the headline-grabbing mass shootings that we've seen lately.

Sooner or later, the general public which is mainly apathetic about gun rights, will become sufficiently outraged to demand changes.

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  1. First, it would do you well to read whole articles, not just the quotations from people you like. Did you note that state law bars the release of mental health records? In your view, as long as guns are being taken away, it doesn't matter what rights and what laws are violated.

    But you're also mistaking the word of a few mayors, many of them corrupt and criminals themselves, as a guide to American opinion on guns. The truth is that most of us don't care what Mayors Against Guns believe--other than having to keep a watch on their attempts to take away more rights. You've either been gone too long, or you never really understood the American character.

    Do tell us, though, why it is that you think the NRA ought to work to restrict gun rights? That's akin to demanding that the ACLU file briefs in favor of warrantless wiretapping or the like. Next, you'll ask the Brady Bunch to promote national carry license reciprocity?

  2. " They aren't spending any of their money to lobby for changes. They're sitting back and just watching like everybody else."

    So how much have you donated this year to stop nuts from buying guns?

  3. Apparently so is Illinois, as Jesse Jackson Jr. still retains his FOID card.

    1. No response? I guess you are at least consistent with the Brady Campaign, CSGV, MAIG, and the VPC. Not one of them has come forward and said that the Rep. should have all of his guns removed and lose his FOID card due to his bipolar condition.

    2. I didn't catch that story, but I believe I'm on record as having said people with serious mental health conditions should be disarmed. That includes depression and bi-polar disorder. Back patients, too, who have to take the heavy pain killers. Hell, I've even said the same about drinkers and pot smokers.

      So what the hell's your problem Greg? Have you not been paying attention?

    3. To what is that question directed, Mikeb? I'm not Anonymous. If this story is true about Jackson, Jr., I'll remind you that celebrities and politicians get gun rights in restrictive states, while ordinary people can't.