Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's the Assault Weapons - The High Production and Indiscriminate Sale

Peace, Earth and Justice News reports

“The United States should stop producing so many weapons, which cause us so much harm. That country also suffers from so much violence, as billions of dollars go into manufacturing guns.”

That is the message that anti-crime activist Fernando Ocegueda will take to the public in the United States, during a one-month visit to that country by the Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity, made up of 70 family members of victims of violence in Mexico.

“We are feeling hopeless because we are ignored,” said Ocegueda, who sells electronic goods. “Our mission is to raise awareness about the indiscriminate sales of (assault) weapons, which flow over the border into our country, where they generate so much violence.”
It's embarrassing when we have to be told by someone outside the country. We should be telling ourselves this. Of course, we are doing exactly that.  We are telling ourselves that the gun manufacturers are producing more guns than can possible be absorbed within our country by legitimate buyers.  They know a certain amount of their production goes quickly into criminal hands.

And to make matters worse, they pay the NRA and the gun lobby handsomely to keep it that way.

These are some of the most disreputable businesses in the country.   It's important that we strrive to bring greater awareness to this problem.

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  1. Let's pretend that the weapons used in Mexico come from America. It'll take a lot of suspension of disbelief, but try. If the Mexicans want to stop that hypothetical flow, they can fortify their northern border. Nothing goes south, and nothing goes north. But the latter is the reason that they won't do that. They're dependent on drugs and remittances. If Ocegueda and his buddies would get their own house in order, the problems would go away. Of course, that requires too much work.

    But the fact is that "assault weapons" is a stupid term. To quote the Russian starshina, "It gun. It not safe." It's embarrassing when people who should know better can't do a little research before yammering about subjects.

    1. Greg, how do we know what assault weapons that they are talking about. Rocks? Pet rock sales were quite high at one time! Lead pipes? There was a shortage of lead some years ago too. Maybe the tree huggers are pissed that too many assault bats are being made that are killing too many trees after all.

    2. I'm still waiting for a working phaser. These days, I'm more worried about assault cell phones. I'm assaulted all the time by inane conversations, oblivious drivers, and general electronic obnoxiousness.